Australien Trailer Multifruit v 0.9 BETA

Image For australien-auflieger-multifrucht

Here is the trailer from the Australia Map as a playable beta version
He has his own particle system, AO textures, tire dust and a capacity of 62500 liters.
The special feature of this trailer, it has a more rear hitch plate on which you can attach a trailer again.
So, in theory, an infinite number of followers hang.

(*) Wheat
(*) Barley
(*) Rape
(*) Corn
(*) Spelt
(*) Oats
(*) Rye
(*) millet
(*) swaths
(*) silage
(*) chopped
(*) Force / compound feed
(*) Mist


Model, textures = [FSM] Atabogo
Game = [FSM] Chef / [FSM] Atabogo
Help in building / support Coli = pill
Scripts = Sven777b, Manuel leithner
Wheels = Agrotron 155

DOWNLOAD this Mod 5 MB

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