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Finally! As it is – the brand new V3 – they grab you immediately while it is still new ! Experience Nature, geniese the new landscapes , discover brand new places, buildings and features that were built here from scratch! Take right at the beginning of a small or medium-sized yard with fleet and a small box . Work your way up to you as a large farmer can call your own fat equipment and tractors ! In “The Lake ” games fun is writ large . Patch 3.0 Public Beta Giants Editor 5.0.3 What you can expect here ? Centrally located ** yard with enough shelter options in the new courtyard of “The Lake ” , there are new buildings that offer good protection against rain! You have the standard ** Permanent work sick ? Then ride it out in the brand new sand pit of getsome2030 ! As a small compensation you can see sand shovel – load – and sell it in the sand and grave yard! Small games fun by the way ! Drivable ** cowshed course your livestock must be fed vigorously ! The water tank is located immediately at the first corner of a cow pasture, the straw feeding station is under roof . To the right , in the manger needs to be fed with silage, maize meal and mixed feed ! The grass feeding trough can be reached on the yard ! Right at the beginning of your driveway in the cow grass, hay and straw bales are accepted for sale! If something comes along too much crap a crap bearing on pigs in one place or garden center can be used ! Similarly, in the manure ! A sited manure storage is also in the modpack ! Bales ** If you do not want to sell your bales equal , you can store them in the ballroom . Should this not be available Autostack , this building is located on the first floor of a crane ball ! Initially a bit difficult to quarrels , but – as we all know practice makes perfect white ! Futtermischwagen ** – No Thanks! In the camp ‘s vicinity is now of course a fully automatic feed mixing plant ! Straw , hay and silage storage Tilted front ! What, then, is probably out the back ? ;) ** ** BGA biogas plant ? Sure, there ‘s the here – and in the best location ! After the user wishes BGA is now drawn closer to the farm , I think , frankly, the best solution ! Easy to reach – Simply a Great work ! Pig ** ? All included in the yard ! The pigs have with wheat , barley, maize or Erdfrüchten as beets and potatoes or grass as silage , silage, hay fed with manure and slurry then they produce and reproduce themselves there! The pig trailer ” joskin Betimax ” will assist you in selling! Tip: Instead of the “old” pig (North West ) is now built a great new silage mountain. Only needs to be refilled yet ;) So you can find it easier the floor is marked clearly visible at this point. If something comes along too much crap a crap bearing on pigs in one place or garden center can be used ! The … ** sheep grazing of sheep is next to the cow pasture . Water and feed trough (grass ) is located on the courtyard ! In order that you do not stress the wool pallets, of course, is the new Collector WoolPalette Modauch been built the same! Chicken ** Must be fed immediately with wheat and water! Eggs you can collect in the new barn. The ** outlets outlets such as warehouse , garden center , harbor , mill, restaurant , pork or dairy sales are split across the map and all within easy reach ! Please check out the PDA where you can sell something in order not to make unnecessary tracks! New here is the slaughterhouse in Southern side! Wither way, you will be nothing on the map – off ! Syringe fertilizer can be stored by the way now ! A suitable trailer for this lies with ! Water ** you can refuel at the store parking lot ( small riser wells) or on the northeast side of the lake ! In the newly built housing estate you is a Wasserhüttchen available. Dan is the way to get water not too far! The milk truck milk ** unfortunately the engine overheats – because the dairy is not a substitute available to the milk itself must be brought to the dairy ! Milchmod to work properly ** Dirty vehicles? No problem ! A fully functioning washer is directly near to farm! Missions ** ? Everything your heart desires! Including horseshoes collect ! For further questions do not you like in the comments section , and also available via PM ! What ‘s new in V3 ? · Signs · Many Collies removed ( Courseplay ) · Lighting (DN Mod) · Sandpit · Saatfabrik · fertilizer hut · Ball house · enlarged shelters · pig and embellished · You see the actual number of cows one has also purchased ( max. 200 ) · henhouse renewed · Egg rendezvous · dunghill conveyor belt · silage mountain · New Info triggers · butcher · New vehicle load place (vehicles reset) · New Start Vehicles and starting point · texture · loading bay · Insanely Great meadows · Brand new water texture · New residential area · duck pond · Log bug fixed · Screen graph clean again · texture error all off · low PC friendly · LEDS on the BGA scales · Lots of deco ` s · terrain adjustments · manure storage ( 2x) · power poles · silo removed and replaced in the south · New Field · manure loader ( see the trailer included) · new · Siloplane fire BGA suspension bridge · · · Siloklappen new PDA Map (Thanks John !) · new · PDA symbols welcome new map with new images one I want to get rid of yet ! Thank you, getsome2030 ! Thank you that I have such great otherwise your map is still “improving” and was allowed to gestallten according to my wishes and also – thanks for the permission to upload this ! Meanwhile, you’re already become a true LS friend of mine , even if our homeland x – thousands of miles apart ! – Thanks for everything! I also want to thank once here in due form at McKojak ! My tester and consultant ! Without you, the map would have really missed something ! Thank you for that! I will not tolerate any “evil ” and ” absurd ” comments , otherwise the comment function is turned off ! You travel a bit together , have respect for other people’s work . Even though I have the map styled only , but these were quite a few hours when I ‘m sitting at the PC. Other mappers know what I mean! Also I want to say once my download it here Thank you ! Thanks for your interest ! ‘m Pretty Improves since my last version, which relates errors in the log and in SG ! Who simply do not like the map : do not download and certainly not a ” do not like ” leave comments here , no one is interested ! Modpack : download is a modpack ! Please unpack the whole pack in Modsordner ! The mods have to be enclosed , otherwise do not run the extras of the map ( GülleMod , Milchmod , …)! In the CAT mods are mods that you need for the sand pit ! If someone does not know …… Savecam is to save because the camera setting to external , or internal (eg , Fendt tractors quite useful ) … ES limiter : Adds standard vehicles an ES Limiter … Trailer Scale : Weight display hanger …. wave file must be copied to the game directory [ Readme] my recommendation : the ” more Realistic ” Mod ( . adjustable cruise control, weight reality , more km / h display , etc. ) I have not included the pack because everything else was too big! LOG GRAPH SCREEN and are as clean as the robe of the Pope ! (see pictures) Please see yourself in the credits! Thank whose objects used on all modders – expanded or mods are in ! Good men ! <em style

Credits: Claas_Evolution

This is a Farming Simulator 2013 ( ls 13 ) Mod, in category Maps & Buildings

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