Tutos SP Map v 1.4

Tutos SP Map v 1.4 image

Tuto’s MapYet another version of Hagenstedt, only this time it’s for low/middle end pc’s, mostly it’s the same map with a few addons** (credits at the end)*And a lot of new bridges and pases it’s my first map so do not expect perfection, I fondled with the map’s selling prices and each one of those are with one fruit type with a high price(e: the mill selling point has the highest purchase price for wheat than any other selling point)multiple farm silos(like 3) for better storage without mayor movement(PDA Map it’s not uptated, if anyone can/want/will to help me much appreciated)since it’s not that much added it looks weird just in a few places, nothing to worry about though.huge 3 stories parking lot at the farm.* Credits-Map: Tuto
-Feed Storage V2.0 [sp]: Getsome2030
-Silo Multifruit V3.0: Cosmin123
-Shelter With Lighting V1: Mach1–Andy
** I do not have any authorization to use them mods so if you are the owner of the rights and not want me to use/distribute your mod in my map just send me a PM and I will disable the download of this map mod, and I got this maps from this site (modhoster) so I mentioned in the credits the uploader (not sure if they are the ones whom created them) and finaly my native language it’s spanish so excuse moi if my english it’s not good

Credits: Tutotata

This is a Farming Simulator 2013 ( ls 13 ) Mod, in category Maps & Buildings

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