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Location Novgorodova

Location-Novgorodova-1 Location-Novgorodova-2 Location-Novgorodova-3

This location has a wide range of crops such as potatoes, sugarbeets, oats, corn and wheat.
Rape is replaced by common reeds, so you may want to grow the rushes, and they will be treated as ordinary culture.
Also on the card contains the following birds and animals: cows, sheep and chickens. Present liquid and solid manure.

This mod has been made by Roman177

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Location S.Voskresenka

Location-S.-Voskresenka-3 Location-S.-Voskresenka-2 Location-S.-Voskresenka-1

At this location there are a large number of crops, including potatoes, sugarbeets, barley, canola, wheat and corn. There is also a domestic animal: cows, sheep and chickens.
This version has undergone some improvements, the most important of them were fixed silage pit and edited milk.
But that’s not all. Were significantly processed texture and added chickens. But the most important update we consider the addition of a special office where you can get the original loan and space to store wheat and vegetables.

Authors: LSSA Modding Team, ANDREI1994

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Location Dry

Location-Dry-1 Location-Dry-2 Location-Dry-3

The Map is very beautiful and has high quality textures and varied landscapes.

– On the map can be grown all culture, and plus tomatoes and apples
– You can breed cattle on your farm can be: chickens, sheep, cows and even pigs
– On the map, it offers 16 beautiful fields and realistic slaughterhouse
– The milk from the barn is taken out automatically, which facilitates a little work
– On the map drives transport and can sometimes be seen moving trains
– The Map will only fit if you have a version of the game is not lower than 2.0

This mod has been made by kunachowez1234

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Belarus MTZ 550E


Universal Tractor, drawbar category 1.4, is designed for various agricultural works with mounted, semi mounted, trailed machines and implements, transport and handling, and also drive fixed machinery and equipment

This mod has been made by

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Case IH MXM 190


Case IH MXM 190 Tractor

This mod has been made by LS-FOR-EVER

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Ford 8630 Powershift


Ford 8630 Powershift Tractor

Authors: Hurley, @poc@lypse

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Nordeifel v 1.0

Nordeifel-v-1.0-1 Nordeifel-v-1.0-2 Nordeifel-v-1.0-3

– Farm
– Biogas
– Grain Magazine
– Slurry / Manure mod instaled

This mod has been made by Johni989

DOWNLOAD this Mod 184 MB

Universal 650 MR


More Realisticistic and authentic Universal 650 Tractor

This mod has been made by vasilisvasilis31

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KDG 141 v 1.0


KDG 121 Fire Department Truck

This mod has been made by REDNECK19872020

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Claas Jaguar 900 Cargo Pack White

Claas-Jaguar-900-Cargo-Pack-White-1 Claas-Jaguar-900-Cargo-Pack-White-2

In Pack included:
– Claas Jaguar 900 Cargo Combine
– Claas Orbis 1050 Cutter
– Claas Direct Disc 1050 Cutter
– Claas PU 380 Cutter
– Cutter Trailer

This mod has been made by Tonda CZ

DOWNLOAD this Mod 12 MB

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